“Sonically swarming out from The Hornet’s Nest itself (Charlotte, North Carolina) , Diamonds and Whiskey come bearing their latest offering, “Heartbreak Queen”. From the first sassy lines spouted from vocalist Jennifer Webb in the title track and opener to this opus, the listener knows they are in for one heck of a ride…”

“The Carolina Country Music Association’s held the third annual awards show Saturday, January 25th at The House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Those in attendance were treated to many great performances, two of which included from recent inductees to the South Carolina Entertainment and Music Hall of Fame Greg Rowles and Zack Turner. The stand out for me was Diamonds and Whiskey…”

I’m On The List

“…edgy, swampy, almost hillbilly country sound that could easily come from the dense Smokey Mountains or the swamps of the Louisiana bayou…a new twist on Americana outlaw music….”

Nashville Music Guide

“Charlotte’s Diamonds and Whiskey are a rich delight of sweet singing and rough sound that should make new music fans thirsty… the band is not an abstract concept of Americana; it’s real music made by North Carolina natives with old souls that have been tested.”

“…an inspired combo of hell raiser and beauty queen alike. Plugging a slew of riff-ready guitar hooks… lending the record a dark and bitter sheen reminiscent of the amber drink from which the band derives its name.”


“A couple of the songs that stand out the most… are “Hold On” and “Whiskey Down.” “Hold On” has an outlaw sound and is reminiscent of those great TV show theme songs from True Blood and Sons of Anarchy. It’s a powerful track. “Whiskey Down” is a different class, amazing and catchy…”

Sidestage Magazine

“…music that should appeal to rock fans who have no special affinity for modern country. Yet at the same time, the music is rooted enough in southern flavor that it shouldn’t alienate listeners weaned on a diet of songs about tight jeans, trucks and Fireball whiskey.”

“Keeping it simple is the best methodology with this band. Outstanding songs on this record are the vocal-leading “Wasted on Your Love,” the haunting “25 to Life,” and the starkly beautiful “Hero.” The melodies and guitar work anchor this collection of emotional songs…”

“It is catchy enough to be mainstream, but leaves the pandering cliché behind. It is good ol’ story telling at its best with a new twist that hopefully will be found irresistible…”